Roger is a strong believer in small businesses.  Small businesses employ and pay the most taxes in to our Oklahoma economy.  One of his goals when he gets elected is to work on our current tax situation. As a small business owner he always paid his fair share, and more, to the State of Oklahoma and wants to ensure that all companies are doing the same.  He has no problem with businesses receiving incentives for coming to Oklahoma, but not at the cost that we continue to have  revenue failures.  He wants to see businesses come to Oklahoma, but if more money continues going to the top people at the company than what is making its way back to the State, we will continue failing the people of Oklahoma. 

       Because of Roger's profession he has learned to become a great listener. He feels that is one of his biggest strengths. He will always listen to both sides and give honest opinions. He doesn't believe in agreeing with everyone, because if you are always agreeing with what everyone says than you are decieving someone. He will always be respectful, even if he doesn't agree.

    The following bulletin points can be seen on the brochure that he hands out while knocking doors.​

  • Roger earned a degree in Funeral Service Education from Central State University, where he received the Most Likely to Succeed Award. While still in college, he began working in the funeral industry at a local family funeral business where he later acquired part ownership.

  • In 2003, Roger opened his own business, Ford Funeral Service. He is a member of the Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association.

  • Roger is a charter member of the Hardin-Miller Small Business Advisory Committee at Rose State College. Their mission is to assist new and existing business owners in this area.